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Hi Alchow. On Wikipedia:Translation into English you have added your translation of Battle_of_Changsha_(1944), but the link to the original (presumably chinese) article is broken. Any chance you could fix this? If you need any help the let me know. --HappyDog 19:32, 9 May 2004 (UTC)

Translation into Chinese[edit]

Originally posted on Wikipedia:Reference desk:

The Youth Group to which I am attached at our local church (St Mary's Amersham) have decided to protest on behalf of two Chinese Christian leaders, one Protestant and one Catholic, who have, according to Amnesty International, been imprisoned or otherwise restrained because of their faith. They have composed a letter for each and are collecting signatures. I had the idea that getting the various documents translated into Chinese would present the project in a better light. Is there anyone who would be prepared to perform such a translation? The texts to be translated would be posted on sub-pages of my user-page to provide full disclosure and allow cross-checking if necessary. I am aware that there are two Chinese wikipedias: Traditional and Simple; whether or not two translations of our documents would be good is open to question (I would assume "yes"). NB: this is not an official Amnesty International project, they were simply the source of our information, so don't go asking them, they almost certainly won't have heard of us. They should have heard of the subjects, however, should anyone require further confirmation once the source documents are posted..

Would you be in a position to help me, or to point me to someone who can? --Phil | Talk 16:23, May 19, 2004 (UTC)