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Does Netscape still exist?[edit]

from Talk:Open Directory Project

ODP is owned by Netscape (take a look at the license). AOL only indirectly owns the ODP since they own Netscape. If AOL would decide to sell Netscape they would sell ODP together with it unless they explicitly exclude it. -- The "Invisible Friend"

There is no longer a corporation known as Netscape, just as there is no longer a corporation known as AOL. Both are now part of the AOL Time Warner corporation. Try to find the name of Netscape's corporate president, or the names of the people who sit on Netscape's corporate board of directors, and you will quickly find that these people do not exist because the Netscape corporation does not exist. Rather, the late, great Netscape is simply a brand name, commonly referred to as a "fictitious business name," and all of ODP's paid staff are on the payroll for AOL Time Warner. I know this because I have corresponded with Kent Walker, Esq., legal counsel for AOL Time Warner, regarding ODP licensing issues and various other legal issues that have arisen because of the questionable conduct of various ODP meta editors. -- NetEsq 22:08 17 Jul 2003 (UTC)

There is no entity being called AOL since they merged with Time Warner. Netscape on the other hand was bought and is now a department (like Sega's AM Teams) or a subsidiary of AOL. Whatever you would call it, there must be an entity (which could be sold) that is "Netscape" as othererwise a "Copyright © 1998-2003 Netscape" isn't possible (Just owning a name isn't enough to use that as a copyright holder). -- The "Invisible Friend"

As I stated above, Netscape is a fictitious business name which AOL Time Warner has registered with the State of California. Having done so, AOL Time Warner can use said fictitious business name to claim and/or register copyrights; I have done the same thing for various Web-based businesses that I own and operate under various fictitious business names. -- NetEsq 22:04 18 Jul 2003 (UTC)

At it says "Copyright © 1998-2003 Netscape" and at "The ODP is hosted and administered by Netscape Communication Corporation." also runs in Netscape netblock [2]. Also the history of Netscape can be seen on that page. -- The "Invisible Friend"

Netscape Communications Corporation is a non-existent business entity. It is just a brand name owned by Time Warner. NetEsq

Contradiction concerning Spyglass and NCSA Mosaic[edit]

Microsoft released version 1.0 of Internet Explorer (based, ironically, on the NCSA Mosaic code) as a part of the Windows 95 Plus Pack add-on.

The above comment appear to contradict the following from the Mosaic (web browser) article...

Spyglass, Inc. licensed the technology and trademarks from NCSA for producing their own web browser but never used any of the NCSA Mosaic source code. Spyglass Mosaic was later licensed by Microsoft, and it was modified and renamed Internet Explorer.

Which is it? -- Des Courtney 21:20 24Nov2004

Netscape Portal[edit]

Should info about the Netscape portal be added here or somewhere else? --Aoi 09:29, 1 Feb 2005 (UTC)

note number 15 requires password !!!! :([edit]

note number 15 asks for a password. (using fx 1.0.4) Bawolff 02:13, 15 Jun 2005 (UTC)

From the article...[edit]

"A year later came Netscape 7.0, based on the Mozilla 1.0 core. This was released a few days after a Netscape Communicator 4.8 maintenance release, illustrating how the efforts of the Netscape developers were still being divided."

My understanding is that the later Netscape Communicator releases, including Netscape Communicator 4.8, were produced not by Netscape Communications, but by Sun Microsystems, and that Netscape just released the work that Sun did.

According to SillyDog701's Netscape Browser Archive: [1]

"[T]he ongoing 4.7x work is being done by iPlanet to fix bugs demanded by corporate clients with whom iPlanet has support contracts. Netscape gets to release those versions to end users as a by-product of the iPlanet work."

Because this infers that Netscape developers didn't do work on Communicator 4.8, I'm going to remove the sentence about Communicator 4.8 from the article. 青い(Aoi) 09:50, 14 June 2006 (UTC)