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Screening may refer to:

  • Screening cultures, a type a medical test that is done to find an infection
  • Screening (economics), a strategy of combating adverse selection
  • Screening (medicine), a strategy used in a population to identify an unrecognised disease in individuals without signs or symptoms
  • Screening (printing), a process that represents lighter shades as tiny dots, rather than solid areas, of ink by passing ink through
  • Screening (process stage), process stage when cleaning paper pulp
  • Screening resumes, the process of sorting resumes to disqualify candidates using successively more detailed examinations of the resumes
  • Screening (tactical), one military unit providing cover for another in terms of both physical presence and firepower
  • Baggage screening, a security measure
  • Call screening, the process of evaluating the characteristics of a telephone call before deciding how or whether to answer it
  • Electric-field screening, the damping of electric fields caused by the presence of mobile charge carriers
  • Electrostatic screening, a decrease in shielding effort between the nucleus and last orbital due to electrons present between them
  • Film screening, the displaying of a motion picture or film
  • High-throughput screening, a method for scientific experimentation especially used in drug discovery
  • Mechanical screening, the practice of taking granulated ore material and separating it into multiple grades by particle size
  • Smoke screening, blanketing an area with smoke to provide cover

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