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Wikipedia, like the world at large, is chock full of isms.

I myself have studied a number of isms, but have not yet found even one of which I would say I am truly an ist.

This is an incomplete list of wikipedia articles about -isms that I have found interesting:


  • This is an incomplete list. You are encouraged to add interesting isms to the list, though I may delete them if I don't want them on my list.
  • About the external links: After first making this list with internal links, I realized that I was spamming the "What links here" page for each of these articles with a link back to here. That was not my intent, so I made all of the links absolute (so that they would not be detected as internal wikipedia links).
  • Wikipedia has a much larger list of isms in the -ism article, along with an etymological history of the suffix.